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Congregational Attention Is Fading.

Winners Transform Their Congregations

Losers merely inform their congregations.

In the age of AI, rabbis are no longer valued for their knowledge alone. Congregations demand connection, inspiration, and leadership. To survive, rabbis must adapt their approach to delivering Drashos that engage, inspire, and transform their congregations.

The traditional Drasha is a relic of the past. Congregants no longer sit quietly for 10-15 minutes to listen to sophisticated Divrei Torah they can access on their own, in a more convenient format. If after a few moments your audience can't find relevance in what you’re saying... their eyes glaze over. They start fidgeting and yawning. And some of them just plain fall asleep.

Jerry Seinfeld once said: "The real problem of stand-up is that you must constantly justify why you are the only one talking while a room full of people sit quietly." The same holds true for any type of public speaking. If your congregation can’t quickly identify a good reason to continue listening to you, they’ll involuntarily tune you out.

There's a secret that great speakers know

There's a method for cutting straight through to a congregation's heart, grabbing their attention - and holding it - and making a memorable impact with your Drasha. The best speakers in the world utilize it, and now you can, too.

If You're Upfront...

You wouldn’t willingly get into someone’s else’s car without first knowing where they’re headed. Great speakers communicate, upfront, the reason why they’re speaking and what the audience will get out of listening to them talk.

And You're Transformative...

By aiming for a positive transformation with your talk - taking the congregation from Point A to Point B - you're pledging to them: “What I’m about to tell you will change your lives for the better, so it’s worth your paying attention to.”

And You're Real...

Nothing creates a stronger bond - and gets the congregation more invested in hearing what you have to say - than being vulnerable and sharing with them your personal struggle with the objective of your talk. It's your greatest asset as a leader.

You'll Become Great.

Imagine connecting with members so deeply - you have them hanging on your every word. People line up afterwards to say things like, "Your last talk changed my life. When are you speaking next?" Word travels, and soon people start showing up just to hear you. Now you're being asked to speak more often and in new venues. This is the way.

About Me

I'm Daniel Steinberg. Former Saturday Night Live intern & writer for Howard Stern...stand-up comic, teacher, marketer & most recently, pulpit rabbi. So, I've learned a few things about managing audience attention & making a memorable impact through public speaking.

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